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From Tank Farm to Take Off

Combining software, mobile computing and hardware technologies into a proven solution that improves logistics, data collection and accountability of aviation fuels management operations.

Tank Farm Operators

FuelsManager provides timely reports and accurate daily reconciliation of your bulk fuel stocks. It also seamlessly integrates with Varec tank gauging products and third party field devices to provide a complete fuel farm control and automation solution.

Service Providers

FuelsManager is a complete fueling resource and transaction management solution. At the ramp, electronic ticketing and automated dispatch streamline aircraft refueling processes to help reduce flight delays. In your back office, FuelsManager maintains accurate accounts and helps identify discrepancies, while improving daily closeout times.

Airline Fuels Managers

FuelsManager improves reporting and decision making throughout the fuels management cycle by integrating operational data between service providers and airlines. Get a quicker snapshot of inventory status and analyze fuels usage trends.

Customer Focused Solutions

Varec's Customers for Aviation Solutions

Fuels Management
Across the Entire Airport

Complete fuels management soltuions for airlines and fuel service providers

Large Fuels Operations or Smaller Fuels or FBO Operations

Alliance for Aviation

Varec, Inc. and Liquid Controls, LLC have formed an strategic alliance to offer an integrated fuels management solution for the aviation industry. Read More Here...

Aviation Systems Sales Support

Contact Jet-A, Inc. - Varec's global sales representative for aviation fuels management systems. Contact Jet-A Here...

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Our team has a wide range of aviation industry experience and deep understanding of fueling operations.

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Technical Support or Sales & Applications

Runway Safety with Varec's Foreign Object Debris Detection

Varec provides a Foreign Object Debris Detection (FODD) system that reduces runway downtime while increasing runway safety, allowing you to increase capacity and efficiency.

  • Latest system is operational at Port of Seattle - SEA-TAC Airport
  • System is Buy America Act (BAA), FAA approved
  • Recognized as having highest detection capability and best resolution on the market
  • Provides ground level bird detection and snow depth measurement

Learn More

FODD Surface Detection Unit
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