• Water & Waste Water Industry
    Water & Waste
    Water Industry
    Ideally suited for water
    and bulk liquid management
  • Food & Beverage Industry
    Food & Beverage
    FuelsManager automates the
    management and processing
    of bulk liquids
  • Mining Industry
    FuelsManager enables
    remote monitoring of bulk
    fuels, lubes and water
  • Chemical Processing
    FuelsManager automates
    bulk liquid process

Bulk Liquid Storage, management, Control & Automation

Varec’s FuelsManager software is widely used in the oil and gas industry for monitoring bulk liquid inventories and controlling the flow of liquids throughout storage facilities. It is also ideally suited to other industries that store, manage or process bulk liquids.

For Reciept, Safe Storage and Distribution

The Professional Edition provides a tank storage monitoring, inventory management, and product movement solution for operators of bulk liquid storage facilities. It provides all the standard edition features for visualizing bulk liquid assets, alarms and reports, and adds additional functionality, such as networking, integration, SCADA, automation, and the ability to create custom HMI graphic screens.

Tank Storage Monitoring

  • Tank Gauging Integration
  • Industry Standard Volume Calculations
  • Single and Multiple Tank Displays
  • Alarm and Event Management
  • Daily Physical Inventory Reports
  • Inventory Trend Analysis
  • OPC

Tank Storage Automation

  • Multiple Users/Operators
  • Custom HMI Graphics
  • Facility Automation
  • PLC Support
  • Host Systems Integration
  • Advanced Scripting and Application Programming Interface

Leak Detection

  • Interface to Third-party Systems
  • Monitor for Leaks Using High Accuracy Tank Gauges
  • Static or Continuous Detection

Online Inventory Reporting

  • 24x7 Online Access to Inventory Reports
  • 24x7 Online Access to Tank Graphics

Throughput Calculations

  • Calculate Tank Throughput in Real-time
  • Estimate Emissions
  • Export Data in EPA TANKS format

Product Movement Tracking

  • Industry Standard and Custom Movements or Transfers
  • Real-time, Automated Tracking and Alarms
  • Daily Accounting, Reports and Tickets

Integrated Support Services

Varec provides complete life cycle support services, with a dedicated team, to ensure support across the entire system.

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