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Your Upgrade Options, Take advantage of the latest functionality and user interface elements that will improve efficiency and benefit your entire facility's operations

Upgrading FuelsManager Software

Upgrading to the latest version of FuelsManager will place you on a support track for future features developed in conjunction with strategic partnerships and industry leaders - features that will benefit your entire facility's operations.

If you currently operate FuelsManager Oil & Gas Version 6.0 (Standard or Professional Editions) you are able to upgrade to FuelsManager Oil & Gas Version 7.4 to take advantage of functionality for product receipt and movements, truck rack loading and unloading, environmental compliance and enterprise administration. Please note, support for all versions of FuelsManager older than Version 6.0 now requires Extended support. Click here to review options for sustaining your support level.

Your Top Reasons to Upgrade

Is it time to update your hardware and software, but you have difficultly justifying the expense? Learn why bringing your system up-to-date will improve operating speed, reliability and security.

If security is a concern, FuelsManager meets or exceeds today's improved security standards. It operates to the U.S. Department of Defense platinum standards which meet or exceed the API and ISA security recommendations for a control system.

If you currently use the movement system with v4.x or v6.0, there are probably some improvements you would like to see. In the latest version, the movement system has been fully revised to allow you to track your asset movements efficiently and accurately.

As a movement system user with a professional edition license, you could be utilizing FuelsManager's SCADA capabilities to connect to more than just tank gauges.

You may also consider utilizing FuelsManager's environment monitoring features, such as leak detection, overfill protection and emissions calculation.

If inventory is your primary concern, then start by accounting for all inventory within the facility, FuelsManager is now able to include pipeline volumes in your inventory reports.

As an owner or manager of a facility, do you need to access your facility data online?

When you upgrade, it is not just the system that improves, your operators will learn the updated user interface in seconds. All existing facility displays are maintained during the upgrade and can be improved to take advantage of FuelsManager's latest graphics features.